Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer 2022

Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer 2022

If you’re getting prepared to attend a summer 2022 wedding, you’ll definitely need to find a new dress! Fortunately, our team at Mariella Creations has got you covered when it comes to finding the best styles to wear as a wedding guest - read on to get inspired about this summer’s hottest looks!


Print/Floral Dress


STYLE #9079



Printed or floral dresses are super popular this summer if you’re attending a wedding. We love something like this dress that’s light, airy, and super comfortable! It’s great for guests who want to look a little more modest but not overheat with too many layers. Plus, the light colors of the print look perfect for summer!


Green Dresses


STYLE #B243003



All different shades of green are gorgeous for summer and it's definitely a popular color choice for summer 2022. What we love about wearing this as a summer wedding guest is the versatility of shades, how flattering it looks on all skin tones, and the fact that it goes with so many color palettes! This is especially nice for an outdoor wedding.


Light Blue Dress


STYLE #B243011



Shades of blue are perfect for a summer wedding! Again, this is a versatile option because you could go for periwinkle, a bold rich blue, or a pastel and still look great for summer weather. This lighter shade is good for keeping you cool as well, especially if the wedding is outdoors


Neutral Dress





If you’re unsure of what color to wear and don’t want to risk clashing with the wedding party, consider a beautiful neutral shade! Neutrals have gotten increasingly popular in 2022 as far as fashion trends go, and it’s a great choice for someone who wants to feel sexy without too much color. Paired with a high slit and pretty neckline, you’re ready to attend a summer soiree!


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