Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

There are so many different decisions you have to make for your big day! Not only is it important that you find the perfect wedding dress, but it’s also a key factor to choose a color palette that suits your wedding. We at Mariella Creations in Rocky Hill find that brides often have varying methods of figuring this out; some create a color palette based on their favorite colors, some get inspiration from their wedding planner, but one of our favorite ways to choose a color palette is by basing it on the season you get married in!


Honestly, it’s a pretty fool-proof way to choose colors that complement each other and make sense for your wedding date. Let’s discuss some different colors you can use in each of the four seasons!




Photo by Olya Kobruseva


For a spring wedding, it’s best to keep the color palette light and fresh. Use the nature surrounding you as inspiration! Think corals, warm pinks, and soft yellows in gorgeous pastel shades. Another great palette idea is one that contains shades of green, creams, and whites!




Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk


Of course, you can always go for a beachy or garden theme for your summer wedding. You can mix shades of turquoise and gray, or you can go bolder and opt for bright pinks, blues, greens, oranges, and yellow!


For a summer wedding, you’ve got a few options! You can also for a more beachy theme by incorporating shades of gray and turquoise, or you can choose a bolder color palette by opting for bright blues, pinks, yellow, and orange! Pair these with some shimmery silver or gold accents and you’ll be good to go!




Photo by Jonathan Borba


There are lots of beautiful color palettes for a fall wedding! Consider colors like burgundy, purple, rust, reds, and any earthy shades that offer an autumnal feel. Accents of metallics and gold look especially stunning when paired with a fall color palette. Think of muted colors and rustic palettes!




Photo by Danielle Reese


For a winter wedding, consider going for cooler tones of colors like reds, purples, and whites. It offers an almost royal feeling that looks great with a winter wedding. You can really get away with bolder colors here, but you can also choose pastel shades that offer an icy vibe. Light pastel blues and silver are gorgeous for a lighter palette.


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