Prom Hair Trends Spring 2022

Prom Hair Trends Spring 2022

It’s prom season, which means that it’s not only time to find the perfect dress but to discover what hair trends you want to play around with! Here at Mariella Creations in Connecticut, we know that every little detail is important for prom and hair is no different. Whether you’re on the hunt for styles that work for longer or shorter hair, we’ve compiled a list of prom trends for spring 2022 to inspire you!


Glam Curls

This is definitely one of those styles that might seem old school, but it truly never goes out of style. Whether you’re going for a more glamorous Hollywood look or a bohemian vibe, big curls are a perfect choice for prom night.


Cute Clips

For 2022 trends, it’s all about the details. Whether you have short or long hair, decorative clips are a great way to add a little touch of femininity to your hairstyle for prom night!



The great thing about a bob is that it’s truly so versatile! You can opt for a pin-straight bob, a textured look, or even a shaggy bob that gives a throwback vibe.


Slicked Back

We love a slicked back hairstyle for prom because it can either look elegant and chic or edgy! It’s perfect for girls who have short hair or who are sort of in that awkward mid-growth phase and don't know what to do with their hair for prom night. 

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re in the market for a gorgeous prom dress, our experts at Mariella Creations in Connecticut are ready and excited to help! Book an appointment with us today!