How To: Micro-Wedding

How To: Micro-Wedding

Over the past two years, smaller weddings have seen a huge increase in popularity. While this initially began in precaution of the health & safety of your loved ones during the pandemic, plenty of couples have seen the benefits of intimate micro-weddings, and are opting for the smaller ceremony rather than larger affairs. If you’re interested having a microwedding, here’s everything you need to know:



One of the benefits of a small wedding is the wider options available for venues! With a smaller guest list, you can choose somewhere truly unique—perhaps you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, library, or other meaningful spot you’d like to say “I do.” You could even choose to rent an AirBnB to stay in for the weekend with your guests—the options are endless!



With a smaller guest list, you can get creative with your menu. Your budget goes further with a smaller wedding, meaning you can splurge on your menu or cake and get something you’re really excited about. Think outside the box and talk about options with your caterer!



Since your budget goes further with a small wedding, you’re able to find a dress you’re really excited about. The fun thing with small weddings is that the non-traditional style makes it much easier to choose a unique, fashion-forward dress. Shorter hemlines and bold details are much easier to wear at a unique micro-wedding!

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