DIY Wedding Projects

DIY Wedding Projects

It can be a long and stressful process to plan a wedding. The easier each DIY wedding idea is to achieve, the better if you are looking for DIY wedding ideas. Your guests won't know the difference between these easy-to-do projects, and they're so aesthetically pleasing that they won't notice. You can save some money by doing your own wedding decoration! So here are a few of our favorite DIY projects you can do to save some cash for your wedding:



Wedding backdrop made from origami
With its delicate and airy design, this backdrop will look anything but homemade and can be used for most wedding themes. A beautiful origami backdrop can  be created using ribbon, string, and wax paper.


Floral Hanging Decor
You may also want to consider pretty tassel garlands for hanging décor. A beautiful backdrop can be created with flowers and strings of your choice.

Festive Wedding Balloons
Golden balloon tails make a beautiful addition to your wedding. Hang silver and golden foil garlands from balloon strings for a lovely festive look. Balloons filled with gold paint or confetti would add a bright touch.


Flower Girl Basket
Make a basket of paper or silk petals instead of fresh flowers as a last-minute decoration. If you want fresh petals in your flower girl's basket, ask your florist to add them before the ceremony.


Succulent Wedding Centerpieces
Consider these cute garden-inspired centerpieces for do-it-yourself wedding ideas. Your guests will appreciate the breath of fresh air they get from succulents in recycled planters.

Wooden table number stand
Upcycled cardholders are another great DIY wedding reception decorating idea. You can create little wooden wedding place cards using recycled wood or even wine corks. Keeping the cardstock numbers upright is as easy as cutting a little slit in the middle.

Wedding Day Schedule
A wooden pallet can be used in a variety of ways. The wedding day schedule can be held upright when standing upright. This is a fantastic way to keep your guests informed without having to use paper!