A Guide To Bold Lace Styles

A Guide To Bold Lace Styles

Our team of bridal experts here at Mariella Creations absolutely ADORES bold, lace wedding dresses! Lace is a super popular option for bridal gowns, and it’s easy to see why. This gorgeous fabric comes in a variety of styles that can really wow your guests on your wedding day, creating gorgeous silhouettes and adding rich detail to your look. 




STYLE #9901

Any wedding gown can benefit from the elegance and refinement of lace, an open-weave fabric. There are many styles to choose from, and it is usually used as an overlay or detail. There are three types of lace you can opt for in a wedding dress:


Chantilly: an open lace with a defined border that is very detailed

Alençon: lace trimmed with cord and featuring bold motifs

Venise: a heavier, more textured lace ideal for winter weddings






A lace gown like this one pictured above is a magnificent blend of chantilly lace, beaded floral lace, and tulle. It’s an absolute dream!




STYLE #122107


An ivory lace style like this Calla Blanche gown is another gorgeous choice that is chock full of romantic details, and the lace really sets this style off! 



          ÉLYSÉE                           JUSTIN ALEXANDER

 STYLE #AVIGNON                     STYLE #88260


And gowns like this above are gorgeous examples of how chantilly lace and lace appliques can really make your bridal gown pop. The silhouettes are fairly understated in their nature, but the complexity of the lace detail adds a level of romance and sophistication that we adore. 





Opting for a mermaid silhouette like this one that boasts allover lace is another stunning way to incorporate bold lace styles into your bridal aesthetic. The 3D details pop off the gown and feel incredibly fashion-forward, perfect for a modern bride! 


If you’re ready to find your dream lace wedding dress, book your appointment with us today!