2022 Bridal Makeup Trends

2022 Bridal Makeup Trends

 Aside from your dress, planning your wedding day look includes finding a makeup look that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. You want to find something that suits your unique personal style and the elegance of your wedding day. This sounds like a lot of pressure, but it can actually be quite fun—if you’re not sure where to start, check out a few of our favorite makeup trends for 2022:

Classic Glamour



This timeless makeup aesthetic never goes out of style, but it’s surging in popularity this year. If you’re looking for something that’s chic and natural but a bit elevated from your everyday look, this makeup style is perfect. A classic wing, soft lip, and hint of blush work together to give you a modern version of Old Hollywood glamour. If you want to be sure your wedding day look will never go out of style, this is perfect!

Soft Wing



For our edgy brides, we’re obsessed with this subtle, soft wing. It gives you that geometric, cat-eye look, but with a softer, more elegant vibe that suits your wedding day. This perfectly blends natural makeup with an edgy aesthetic, elevating the classic bridal look to a more unique style. When paired with a nude lip, this makeup look is absolutely breathtaking. 

Glowing & Natural



Planning a gorgeous, bohemian wedding? You’ll be head over heels for this trend, which focuses on giving you glowing skin that looks natural and luminous. Carefully placed highlighter and blush work together to create the glowing aesthetic of this bridal makeup, bringing our your natural beauty flawlessly and making you appear completely radiant.